Arroyo Village Legacy Fund

Perspective 5 - WFH Entrance

The Delores Project is pleased to announce as part of its $1M Arroyo Village Capital Campaign, the Arroyo Village Legacy Fund. This fund will support the programs and operations at Arroyo Village, not only this year, but in also in future years.

Fund Goal: $300,000

We would like to ask you to consider making a gift to the Arroyo Village Legacy Fund, to help ensure our dream and vision of Arroyo Village helping guests and residents achieve success and stability for many years to come. It will be used to support the sustainability of the Arroyo Village operations and programs during not only The Delores Project's 2019 fiscal year, but also in future fiscal years. These programs and operations include Permanent Supportive Housing, Steps to Stability, Emergency Shelter, Community Transitions, Community Partners and Volunteer programs.