In life, we all make mistakes. For Bridget, her mistake brought her into the Department of Corrections. After serving her time, Bridget found herself without a home, a community or a safe space to lay her head. She found a flyer at the library about The Delores Project, and with the help of her parole officer, Bridget received a bed.

Bridget knew something was different her first night at the shelter. The resident assistants made her feel welcome, giving her what she needed to be comfortable in a new space. Other guests offered to show her around the shelter. Volunteers came in and served home cooked meals with smiles, a genuinely wanted to hear about her day. Bridget had never been in a shelter before, but she knew that The Delores Project would make a positive difference in her life.

There are many reasons that a person could become homeless: failing health, unstable childhood, ending of a relationship, sudden loss of a job. The Delores Project meets each person where they are, no matter their circumstances. We understand that each guest is incredibly resilient and has potential – they just need the right support to meet it.

Bridget searched for 8 months to find a place to stay. She was supported each step of the way by resident assistants and the Transitional Advocate, coming up with new ideas each week. We are happy to announce that Bridget recently received a housing voucher and will soon be moving into her own home!

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