Staff Highlight, Monica

This month, we're celebrating Monica, one of our Resident Assistants!

My name is Monica and I am a Resident Assistant. My job is to make our guest feel welcome and comfortable until they decide what is next in their lives. Outside of Delores and on my free time I spend a lot of time doing art projects and baking with my grandson.

What would the movie title of your life be?
The title movie of my life would be... I get out in the next stop please! LOL

What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?
The weirdest thing I have eaten was frog legs in soup.

What is something you’ve learned in the past week?
Something that I learned in the past week is that the movie title of my life is going to have more than one title.

A Luau with Our Board!

This month, The Delores Project’s Board of Directors hosted a Luau for our guests! The dinner was complete with kabobs, pork ribs, grilled pineapple, tropical punch, Hawaiian decorations, and colorful leis. The guests enjoyed dinner outside for the first time ever! It was a perfect evening, full of warm smiles and gratitude. Thank you to our Board for such a special event!