Rehousing Program Manager

The Rehousing manager (RHM) is responsible for implementing and overseeing TDP’s rehousing and continued care program which is aimed to maximize exits from shelter into permanent housing and minimize returns to homelessness. The Rehousing Manager supervises a team of Rehousing Case Managers, Continued Care Case Managers, and a Housing Navigator, and works in close collaboration with Shelter Managers. The Rehousing Manager sets the tone for the housing-first nature of the rehousing team and is responsible for not only staff professional development, but for creating and maintaining a forward-thinking team focused on guest needs, teamwork, kind and compassionate communication, and creative thinking. The Rehousing Manager works in partnership with other homeless service providers, representing TDP in the Denver Rehousing Collaborative. They also oversee the program budget which includes the provision of short-term rental assistance for some shelter guests transitioning into housing.

Housing Assistant

Housing Assistants (HA) play a valuable role at Delores, serving as front line team members in our Supportive Housing Program, greeting visitors and helping residents meet their basic needs. The HA position is ideal for people who are self-driven, who work well with others but are happy to work many hours alone, and who are able to be supportive and non-judgmental of people from all backgrounds and identities.

Shelter Assistant (full time) & Shelter Assistant (part time)

Shelter Assistant (SA) staff work directly with our guests in teams of two to ensure a safe, peaceful, secure, and effectively functioning 60-bed shelter 24-7. SA staff manage all day-to-day shelter operations including, but not limited to, helping guests meet their basic needs, ensuring the physical and psychological safety of the community, overseeing volunteers and meal prep/ service, basic housekeeping duties, de-escalation, conflict resolution among guests, etc.

Rehousing Case Manager

Rehousing Case Managers are the face of housing first philosophy at The Delores Project, providing housing-focused case management assistance for shelter guests. Beginning at intake, Rehousing Case Managers begin the exit planning process at their first meeting with guests and use creative supports and interventions to help move guests out of the shelter system and into stable and appropriate housing as quickly as possible. In addition to helping guests write and work on their own individualized housing plans, RHCMs connect guests to on-site and/ or external behavioral healthcare, educational and vocational services, legal advice, help them obtain necessary identification required for housing, assist in past eviction or debt resolution. When guests are preparing to move into housing, the RHCM works in partnership with the Housing Navigator and Housing Specialists to transfer the guest to the continued care program where they will receive ongoing community-based case management.